What is the aura?


The aura is an energy field which interpenetrates and surrounds the physical body. This energy body absorbs, distributes and energizes the entire physical body with prana (vital life force energy). When the physical body becomes sick, it may be partly caused by general or localised depletion or congestion of prana in the energy body. In pranic depletion and congestion, the surrounding energy channels are partially or severely blocked which means that prana cannot flow freely in and out around the affected area.


What are chakras?


Chakras are whirling centers of energy and are very important parts of the energy bodies anatomy. Just as the physical body has vital organs and glands, the energy body has major, minor, and mini chakras which control and energize the physical organs and glands. Chakras absorb, digest and distribute prana to different parts of the body. When one or more chakras begin to malfunction, the vital organs become sick or diseased because they do not have enough vital energy to operate properly. Pranic Healing works with 11 major chakras and numberous mini and minor chakras.


The following is a brief overview of the 11 major chakras:


Basic Chakra

Location: Base of spine

Corresponding Organ(s): Entire physical body (bones, muscles, blood & internal organs), adrenal glands and reproductive organs

Function(s): Affects general vitality, body heat, growth rate of children and center of self-survival

Malfunctioning: Arthritis, cancer, leukemia, low vitality, allergies, asthma, reproductive ailments, back problems, blood ailments, growth problems and slow healing of wounds


Sex Chakra

Location: Pubic area

Corresponding Organ(s): Reproductive/sex organs, bladder and legs

Function: Lower or physical creative center

Malfunctioning: Reproductive or bladder related problems


Navel Chakra

Location: Navel
Corresponding Organ(s): Small intestine, large intestine and appendix
Function(s): General vitality
Malfunctioning: Constipation, difficulty in giving birth, appendicitis, low vitality and other intestinal diseases


Meng Mein Chakra

Location: Back of the navel

Corresponding Organ(s): Kidneys and adrenal glands
Function(s): Responsible for the upward flow of subtle pranic energies and blood pressure

Malfunctioning: Kidney problems, low vitality, high blood pressure and back problems


Spleen Chakras


Front spleen chakra – left part of the abdomen and middle part of the left bottom rib

Back spleen chakra – On the back, opposite the front spleen chakra

Corresponding Organ(s): Physical spleen

Function(s): Major entry point for air prana and energizes the major chakras and entire body

Malfunctioning: Low vitality, weak body, blood ailments and autoimmune disorders


Solar Plexus Chakras


Front solar plexus chakra – the hollow area just beneath the sternum

Back solar plexus chakra – on the spine opposite the front solar plexus chakra

Corresponding Organ(s): Pancreas, liver, small intestine, large intestine, diaphragm, appendix and stomach

Function(s): Acts as an energy clearinghouse, controls the heating and cooling of the body and is the center of both positive and negative lower emotions

Malfunctioning: High cholesterol, diabetes, ulcer, hepatitis, rheumatoid arthritis and heart ailments


Heart Chakras


Front heart chakra – center of the chest at the sternum or breastbone

Back heart chakra – on the spine opposite the front heart chakra

Corresponding Organ(s): Heart, thymus gland, circulatory system and lungs (back heart chakra)

Function(s): Center of higher emotions

Malfunctioning: Heart ailments, circulatory ailments and lung problems such as asthma and tuberculosis


Throat Chakra

Location: Center of the throat

Corresponding Organ(s): Throat, thyroid gland, lymphatic system and circulatory system

Functions(s): Center for higher creativity and concrete mind

Malfunctioning: Throat-related illnesses such as goiter, sore throat and asthma


Ajna Chakra

Location: Between the eyebrows

Corresponding Organ(s): Pituitary gland, endocrine glands and controls the other chakras

Function(s): Center of higher will, intellect and abstract knowledge
Malfunctioning: Cancer, allergies, asthma and diseases related to the endocrine glands


Forehead Chakra

Location: Center of the forehead

Corresponding Organ(s): Pineal gland and nervous system

Function(s): Cosmic consciousness and intuition

Malfunctioning: Memory loss, paralysis, epilepsy


Crown Chakra

Location: Crown of the head

Corresponding Organ(s): Brain and pineal gland

Function(s): Divine oneness

Malfunctioning: Diseases related to the pineal gland and brain, both physical and/or psychological