Full Moons are powerful times to meditate as a group. We join together to practice the Meditation on Twin Hearts every full moon – come join us!



Looking to heal yourself and your loved one? We offer Pranic Healing courses on a regular basis! View our calendar to see upcoming courses.




Need a healing? Curious to experience Pranic Healing? Come to our clinic! We run multiple clinics across the Lower Mainland throughout the week.



Who is Vancouver Pranic Healing? Well, we are people just like you. We are business professionals, musicians, students, medical professionals, computer techies, teachers and parents. We are a community of people interested in bettering our lives, health, relationships, connections, businesses, vitality, communities and the world in which we live. We are students and teachers studying and practicing the teachings of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga.


Vancouver Pranic Healing offers many outlets for the community to study,

learn, practice and grow. We offer Pranic Healing clinics every week where

you can drop in to practice the Meditation on Twin Hearts with a group,

receive a Pranic Healing and if you are a student, practice your

Pranic Healing skills. We offer monthly Full Moon Meditations where

we get together as a group to harness the energies of the full moon

to flush out any negative and stressful energies from our system and

bless our communities. We offer courses in healing, meditation,

spirituality and more.


We are delighted you have joined us here on our website today and

hope you join us at one of our clinics, meditations or courses to learn

more about Pranic Healing. If you have any questions about how to

get started, we are happy to hear from you!