Spiritual Essence of Man Online – March 13 and 14

Man is far beyond the physical existence; even beyond the emotions and the mind. Spiritual Essence of Man is a unique and powerful spiritual workshop to experience the divine essence within one`s chakras and energy bodies. The spiritual practitioner is offered a way to connect with his/her true nature!

Set against a multi-cultural backdrop are the syntheses of various esoteric systems. The chakras, the sephiroth, the triple cross and other symbols are like pearls of wisdom beautifully strung together, bestowing to the ardent seeker a most effective strategy for living a blessed life. The Tree of Life is an alternative path towards reclaiming and redeeming spirituality.

Some of the topics covered in the Spiritual Essence of Man Course are:

  • Never before publicly revealed correspondences of the Spiritual Anatomy (chakras and auras) in the traditions of Taoism, Christianity, Kabbalah, Sanskrit, Acupuncture, and Egyptian Mystery Schools.

  • Secrets of the "Triple Cross" and how it can activate ones's chakras and to energize one's subtle bodies.

  • Use of the Kether Sephira for Spiritual Healings.

  • Direct correspondence of the Lord's Prayer in the Kabbalistic and Egyptian Tree of Life.

  • The "I AM" Meditation on your Pineal Gland!

  • Discover your Buddha nature & spiritual fetus and experience the divine Essence within.


After the Spiritual Essence of Man course you will be able to:

  • Know your spiritual anatomy

  • Use the symbols such as the “Triple Cross” to activate your chakras

  • Use the Lord’s Prayer meditation to activate and transform your chakras

  • Practice the "I AM" meditation


It is highly important for anyone in the spiritual path to know their true essence and their spiritual anatomy. Spirituality is a science. By knowing the qualities and characteristics of your chakras and subtle bodies and means of activating and transforming them, you can get empowered and transformed. The Spiritual Essence of Man Course, in this case, shows you the road map and provides you with proper techniques to reach there.

March 13th & 14th
Start: 8am PST/ 9am MST/ 10am CST
End: 1pm PST/ 2pm MST/ 3pm CST
Fee: $200 | Repeat: $100 (with certificate)
Online (Zoom)

Open to those who have taken Basic Pranic Healing
and are residing in British Columbia, Alberta, or Manitoba, Canada


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