Pauline Sainsbury

VPH President, Associate Pranic Healer & Instructor

Pauline is a Senior healer in Vancouver. She has been a volunteer in the Vancouver Pranic Healing Clinic since it was formed in 1998. She is residing President for Vancouver Pranic Healing and has served on the Board since it’s inception. Over the years she has studied various complementary healing modalities, but Pranic Healing has always been her main focus.

After spending time at the GMCKS Ashram for one-month intensive meditation she decided to dedicate her time giving private healing sessions and teaching Pranic Healing. She is presently teaching Basic Pranic Healing, Advanced and Pranic Psychotherapy, Pranic Crystal Healing, Psychic Self-Defence, and is also training new Instructors.


Aiydin Cross

Certified Pranic Healer & Instructor

Aiydin first began to embrace his intuitive side over 20 years ago when he immersed himself in the study of Esoterics, Healing, and Spiritual Practice.

In 2012, after learning several healing modalities, Aiydin finally found himself in a Basic Pranic Healing course. The depth, practicality and structure of Master Choa Kok Sui's teachings sparked something powerful within Aiydin which has led him to grow and develop not only his intuitive aspects but his capacity to heal and support others. Aiydin's true gift resides in his ability to see the core of an issue and resolve it.

Today, Aiydin is a Pranic Healing Instructor for Basic Pranic Healing and SuperBrain Yoga, Certified Pranic Healer, Tarot Instructor, Certified Aromatherapist, he volunteers on the Board of Vancouver Pranic Healing and is Clinic Leader at two Meditation and Energy Healing Clinics in the lower mainland. He continues to be committed to supporting personal and spiritual growth within the spiritual communities he resides in.

Phone: 778.878.4977

Iris Escuer-Riera

VPH Board Member, Associate Pranic Healer & Instructor

Location: Vancouver

Keeley Steimecke

Associate Pranic Healer & Instructor

Keeley is an Associate Pranic Healer who was introduced to Pranic Healing in 2011 and has been a practitioner in other energy healing modalities since 1990. She is passionate about sharing with others the world of Pranic Healing as a dedicated healer and a teacher of MCKS Basic Pranic Healing.

​​Past Treasurer on the Board of Directors for Vancouver Pranic Healing.


Jean Robillard

Certified Pranic Healer & Instructor

Jean Robillard is a certified Pranic Healer and Teacher. He has a Masters Degree in Metaphysical Science and is a Certified Holistic Life Coach and Business Intuitive. Among the various healings he does he also specializes in helping women to have a easier pregnancy and delivery. He has also helped people who have passed away to assist these souls to find their way into the light, to a higher level of energy.

Jean is based in B.C. but also visits his native Quebec as an Instructor.

​Jean Robillard
903-5555 Balsam Street
Vancouver , BC , V6M 4B5