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Looking for a private Pranic Healing session?

Below is our practitioner directory for Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. All practitioners have been received certification from the Institute of Inner Studies which is the governing body for Pranic Healing worldwide. 


Pauline Sainsbury

Associate Pranic Healer & Instructor

Location: North Vancouver

Phone: 604.724.2114

Email: healingwithprana@gmail.com

Website: www.healingwithprana.com


Aiydin Cross

Certified Pranic Healer & Instructor

Location: Tricities/Fraser Valley

Phone: 778-878-4977

Email: info@crossroadssanctuary.com

Website: www.crossroadssanctuary.com

Gaëtan Mourmant, Ph.D.

Associate Pranic Healer

Location: Vacouver - Kitsilano

Phone: 604.781.9698

Email: gmourmant@gmail.com


Iris Escuer-Riera

Associate Pranic Healer & Instructor

Location: Vancouver

Email: irisescuer@gmail.com


Keeley Steimecke

Associate Pranic Healer & Instructor

Location: White Rock - Surrey

Email: ksteimecke@shaw.ca

Andi Alexander

Associate Pranic Healer & Instructor

Location: Vancouver

Phone: 604.728.4326

Email: andialexander77@gmail.com

Website: www.andialexander77.wordpress.com


Angela Paterson

Associate Pranic Healer

Location: Vancouver - Downtown

Phone: 604.970.5556

Email: healings@angelapaterson.com

Website: www.angelapaterson.com

Brenda Barton

Associate Pranic Healer

Location: Kerrisdale, Vancouver

Phone: 604.738.7957

Email: brenda@brendabarton.com

Website: www.brendabarton.com

Denise Berg

Associate Pranic Healer

Location: Coquitlam

Phone: 778.839.8288

Email: info@deniseberg.com

Ngoc-Tran Pham, B.A.

Associate Pranic Healer

Location: Vancouver - Kitsilano

Phone: 778.552.2698

Email: ngoctranp@gmail.com

Tully Miller

Associate Pranic Healer

Location: Langley

Phone: 604.600.3853

Email: quintileastromancy@gmail.com

Website: www.QuintileAstromancy.com

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